TECHONE EPP Mini-Piaget Electric Airpalne Kit

China GuangDong ShenZhen

Nov 26, 2010

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 TECHONE EPP Mini-Piaget Electric Airpalne Kit

Features-This is an indoor miniature electric EEP planes, suitable for winter indoor flight, the body with the necessary installation accessories, electronic equipment and remote control devices
Product DetailsFuselage length: 472mm (18.6 in.)
Wingspan: 418mm (16.5 in.)
Flying Weight: 45g-53g (with battery)

Suggested accessories:
Motor: C05 KV3500(not included)
ESC: 7Amp (not included)
Propeller: GWS 5030(not included)
Servo: 2.5g*3pcs(not included)
Radio:4/more channel(not included)
Battery: 7.4V 120mAh Li-po 20C(not included)

Item Packing- Mini-Piaget Electric Airpalne Kit x 1

Note: This products have MOQ (MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY) x 10pcs/ Carton